Last Stop Carbon

Offset Your Carbon Emissions With Verified Carbon Credits & Innovative Climate Projects

Outsource Your Sustainability & Climate goals to a Partner You Can Trust. Focus on Your Business and Let Us Get You to Net-Zero Carbon Emissions.

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Climate Action

To avoid irreversible climate disaster, we need to keep the warming to no higher than 1.5 degrees above pre-industrials levels. To achieve this, we must significantly cut back on Carbon emissions & remove a lot of carbon already in the atmosphere

Credit: McKinsey

As urbanization has grown across the world, so has the emission of GreenHouse Gases (GHG). These gasses have gradually trapped heat & led to increasing temperatures which have potentially troubling implications. Globally, we emit roughly 50 Billion tons of carbon equivalents with majority coming from industries like cement & steel making, transportation, oil & gas and electricity. Climate action starts with these industries. LastStop will work with you & your company to achieve net-zero emission through carbon offsets

What we do


We'll work with you to accurately measure your emissions. Using Machine Learning & AI, we are building best-in-class processes that help us estimate Carbon emissions across key industries. We'll work with you to both identify opportunities to reduce emissions but also offset any emissions you're unable to stop currently. We are building and tapping into existing stacks of data to help improve the accuracy of these estimates.


We work closely with land owners, project developers and entrepreneurs to bring live, verified carbon credits to market. We are also partnering with projects that aren't live yet to help accelerate their arrival in the market. As a company, we lean heavily into our commitment to transparency, so we are always tracking & sharing the entire lifecycle of these projects on the blockchain to allow buyers buy with confidence.


We make it extremely easy to see, track & show the impact you’re having in real time. We’ll do all the work of putting together all the necessary reporting documents you need for any forms of audit or investor relations. We are also building real-time tracking where you can see projects you’ve invested in & how they are performing

Our philosophy

We aim to bring confidence into emissions offseting. Projects we work with at LastStop will have a path to being affordable at scale i.e. < $100 per ton, and verifiable i.e. transparency in monitoring the lifecycle of the project and its long term impact
Projects we bring to market will result in net new carbon removed and won’t be credits for already existing projects. In a nutshell, we won’t bring credits created for existing forests without threats of being taken down
We will only invest in surfacing or launching new projects that permanently stores carbon away.
We'll rigorously work to avoid leakage & guarantee the long term (>1000 years) storage of emissions we offset

Current projects we support

Afforestation & Reforestation
New projects planting trees where there weren’t any previously or replanting where they once existed, then cut down
Direct Air Capture & Storage
Technologies built to remove CO2 from ambient air
Blue Carbon Projects
Building or restoring natural coastal carbon sinks like mangroves
Bioenergy with Carbon Capture & Storage (BECCS)
Using biomass to produce energy e.g. electricity and capturing the emissions to store away
Soil Carbon Projects
Projects increasing the soil carbon through planting cover crops for example
Carbon Mineralization
Projects injects CO2 into rocks & minerals to form carbonate mineral that’s stored underground


Project Developers and Entrepreneurs building new ways of removing carbon from the atmosphere, let’s help you raise funding to build and scale your projects

Last Stop Carbon

Offset Your Carbon Emissions With Verified Carbon Credits & Innovative Climate Projects

Connecting you to carbon credits with traceable lifecycle, innovative carbon removal technologies to invest in partially or fully

Want to explore the product on your own?  Try it now
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